Becoming Kin: An Indigenous call to unforgetting the past and reimagining our future. Forward by Nick Estes. Now available for pre-order.

Aambe: Where books collide. This is my substack page because sure, all the cool kids have a substack now so why not. This is where the books I read collide with other books and new things emerge.

Highly Pertinent Digressions. This substack is where my friend Neil Ellis Orts and I take turns writing essays that have a relationship to the previous essay but embrace the digressions that happen. Because apparently the journey matters.

Sojourners Magazine:

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Midnight Sun

  • April 2022 The Land with Whom – on religious nationalisms, kinship versus citizenship, and Land Back as an alternative to the violence of colonial borders.
  • February 2022 To Be Good Kin – an excerpt from the book with a brief reflection