the podcast

the podcast

Medicine for the Resistance is a podcast that I co-host with Kerry Goring. We discovered a shared interest in talking about how being Black and Indigenous impacted our daily lives, the lives of our children and families. The lives of the people in our communities. The truth is that we are all impacted by race, even those who are white. Assumptions about who we are based on our appearance or our genealogy limits us.

You can help support the podcast through a one time donation on ko-fi or by becoming a regular patron through Pay Your Rent . This helps cover the costs associated with hosting and creating the podcast and allows us to compensate the labour of our guests.

We are accepting pitches for season three! Season Three will be launching in mid-September and along with listening to each other we will be focusing on the work of Black and Indigenous solidarity. Historically our collective work has ebbed and flowed, periods of solidarity consistently interrupted by colonial power.

We want to hear from you. Please send us your pitches. We record using Zoom, so let us know what you are doing and how we can help you tell your story.

There are three ways to listen to us:

  • You can download Medicine for the Resistance in whatever app you use for podcasts.
  • You can follow Medicine for the Resistance on soundcloud
  • You can read the transcript and listen on the blog section of this website.

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