Covid-19 support in Niagara

Covid-19 support in Niagara

Caremongering. Instead of fearmongering. Please join the facebook group to stay in touch with others in the community and get local information and support.

This option is a simple way for people in the Niagara region to ask others for help during the Covid-19 crisis. If you need help, please fill out this form . Not everybody will get the help that they need but it’s a chance to ask the broader community.

If you are financially secure and want to help somebody directly please pick a hardship to address and donate.

Please use the updating form to let me know when you have received the assistance you need.

This list is not vetted in any way, we don’t have the capacity to verify everyone’s request and it is possible that people may not be honest, but we also believe that helping people is worth the risk, use your best judgement.

The caremongering admins are not facilitating any of these requests, this is just a platform to allow people with unmet needs to connect with people who have resources.

Request form

Update form (when your needs have been met)

Requests to fulfill