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Pay Your Rent started in July 2018. What began as a one time request for funding assistance on social media so that I could bring menstrual supplies with us to Iqaluit became the online fundraiser Pay Your Rent and although I did not publicize it heavily, it grew and after three years it became the non profit foundation Nii’kinaaganaa.

Donors have two options for helping Indigenous people and organizations. Through Patreon you can make monthly donations. These donations help with funding ongoing programs up to $500 per month, and provide episodic support to individuals (up to $100) and grassroots organizing and community building (up to $500). If you are unable to provide monthly support, you can use the meet a need button to access a spreadsheet with individual needs and provide some money directly to a native person. We do not vet these requests and while there is always a risk associated with peer to peer support, it is better to risk helping than not do anything. Please do not feel that you have to provide the entire amount requested, do what you can and then use the progress update button to let us know how much you sent.

Some of the ongoing projects we have include Kids Eat First which is an initiative by Luke Nicholas that purchases groceries for Indigenous families connected with the Oneida community in southern Ontario. We also provide funding to Joe Wesley who, along with Wesley Wabano, does cultural work at Lac Seul First Nation as well as Sylvia Davis who provides support to 2SLGBTQ youth in Sioux Lookout. And we’re saving money so that the water protectors who won a significant victory against Alton Gas in Nova Scotia can get to a confederacy meeting in 2022.

We have three board members: Patty Krawec, Terrill Tailfeathers, and Nora Loreto.

Patty Krawec is an Anishnaabe woman from Lac Seul First Nation, a podcaster on Medicine for the Resistance and Ambe. She lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario. You can find her on twitter @gindaanis and subscribe to her substack  Her first book, Becoming Kin: An Indigenous Call to Unforgetting Our Past and Reimagining Our Future will be released by Broadleaf Books in September 2022.

Terrill Tailfeathers is a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy and has a long history of activism for his community. He was recently with the Tiny House Warriors in BC.

Nora Loreto is a writer and activist based in Quebec City. Born in Rainy River, ON and raised in Georgetown, she is of mixed settler English and Italian heritage: farmers from Thorndale and miners from Timmins. Nora works for the Canadian Association of Labour Media and is a freelance writer of both books and articles. Nora co-hosts the popular political podcast Sandy and Nora Talk Politics with Sandy Hudson.

If you sign up for monthly support (the tiers start at $1/month) you’ll get a regular-ish newsletter with updates about what is happening, meet some of the recipients, and hear their stories.

Please help to extend our reach by sharing widely! We are also open to media interviews and welcome opportunities to talk about what we are doing. Terrill and Patty were on Newstalk 610 CKTB for our very first interview! Thanks Karl!

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