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Please note that January funding is closed and any requests received now will be kept but not paid out until early February.

Individuals can still post requests for direct peer to peer support and the link will be posted weekly on twitter under the #SettlerSaturday tag

Individuals can post their needs using the “individual needs” button. This can be any amount, but please be aware that the Nii’kinaaganaa foundation only provides up to $100 per individual. Donors are invited to add to this amount and your request will stay up until you let us know that your needs have been met. Please use the “progress update” button to let us know when you have received money even if it isn’t the full amount. You do not need to let us know when you have received your Nii’kinaaganaa funding 🙂

Organizations can use the other form to request amounts up to $500. You can use this to meet material needs in your community, to purchase things you need to stage a protest or solidarity event, buy supplies for cultural activities, cover honoraria to bring in elders. Whatever your organization needs to build engagement in your community. If you have a longer term project in mind, there is an option for you to request ongoing support.

Nii’kinaaganaa does not vet or prioritize the requests. They are paid out on a first come/first served basis beginning early each month (normally at or around the 6th) until the money runs out. Any unmet needs will be rolled over to the following month and you will be advised.

Please help spread our reach by letting people know that they can donate and support Indigenous people! We will also begin collecting stories that we can share with donors.

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